JESCO ENERGY are OEM for residential and commercial energy systems storage manufacturers, we develop our systems with the most economical cost to meet our customer’s demands.


JESCO ENERGY storage solution is your optimal choice when selecting hybrid systems, our systems are designed with CATL Battery Solution + the most economical inverter to meet your demands. The all-in-one single-phase storage solution is safe, reliable, and higher yields.


  • EU Certification
  • All in one design 
  • High efficiency
  • Variety of protections panels IP55 & IP65
  • Easy installation 
  • Intelligent Management System


JESCO ENERGY storage solutions (commercial) adopt modular integrated design, and the system includes monitoring, PCS module, lithium iron phosphate battery, BMS, heat sink, and fire extinguishing system. It can provide backup power or emergency power for important loads in off-grid mode. The working mode can also be adjusted to stabilize load fluctuations, load peak clipping, and peak-valley arbitrage. It has the characteristics of high reliability, high efficiency, and low cost.


  • Intelligent operation, the whole process does not require manual intervention
  • Intelligent air-conditioning management, more energy-efficient operation
  • Dynamic expansion of capacity, free choice of AC-side parallel or DC-side parallel
  • Fast switching between parallel and off-grid, the switching time is less than 10ms
  • APP remote monitoring
  • Peak shaving, frequency regulation, and smooth output
  • Highly integrated design, high efficiency, and energy saving
  • Operating in either on-grid mode or off-grid mode
  • Compatible with both lead-acid battery and Li-ion battery