5 Stages for Project Planning & Project Execution


Stage 1: Design Stage

Based on our know how knowledge can add value from the concept stage up until design stage.
Discussing technical specification with consultants, generator footprint. STPEC is your optimal choice when sizing your generator set.

We can provide you the most economic solution that meet your project requirement at low cost.

Stage 2. Tender / RFQ Stage     

We provide with commercial and technical submittals as per your project specification.

Our engineer will ensure full compliance with your project requirement, we provide shop drawings of the DG room that suits your site layout.

Our technical submittals  include:-

  • STPEC company profile
  • Compliance of project specification
  • Product Specification with all accessories
  • Warranty Sample
  • COO Sample
  • CAD Drawings
  • Project Reference
  • Many more to ensure we meet our customer demand.

Stage 3. Supply  & Installation Stage

Pre-testing all our products prior to site delivery.

Providing installation method Statement for client and consultant approval.

Installation scope (If needed) please visit our Generator Installation page for further details.

Stage 4. Testing & Commissioning

General Requirements

  • Batteries, fuel & auxiliary power must be isolated before carrying out initial inspection.
  • Ensure that the control switch is in the OFF potions and emergency switch is pressed. Ensure that the panel has the correct fascia and labels.
  • Checking of the genset to ensure that no lose items e.g. nuts, bolts washers etc are lying in, or around the equipment. Such items are to be removed as the pose a hazard to safety.
  • Checking of interior of the alternator terminal box to ensure that no loose objects are lying within.
  • Ensure the load circuit breaker is in open position.

Note: All test sheets containing test values shall be forwarded to concern parties for records and approvals if necessary.

  • Checking of the interior of the panel to confirm that wiring termination is correct and that no loose clippings, cable lengths, nuts remain in the control panel.
  • Check of the engine exhaust manifold to ensure that no unplugged apparatuses exist.
  • Ensure lubricating oil to the full mark on the dipstick.
  • Fill the engine with required coolant mixture i.e. anti-freeze, rust inhibitor.
  • Ensure all coolant systems are properly bled during filling.
  • Check engine air intake and exhaust system for blockage.
  • Ensure that sufficient unrestricted air circulation is available in the gene set room without recirculation.
  • Ensure that sufficient space is available switches and control panel reading.
  • Fuel piping shall be with minimum bends so that suction head shall be within manufacturer recommendations limit.
  • Position of wiring loom relative to any moving parts.
  • Ensure all defects/damages found are logged.

Commissioning Procedure For Start Up

  • Ensure that breaker is in open position
  • Release the emergency button
  • Start the engine by pressing the Green Button on the panel.
  • Fill up the commissioning sheets supplied with the O&M manual.
  • On the starting generator quickly observe the oil pressure, alternator voltage, frequency, and AMPS for abnormality and immediately stop the genset.
  • Check operation of emergency stop button’s.
  • Re-start the generator set by clearing emergency stop fault and using the starting button on the panel.
  • Check RPM reading on the screen with the value of the name plate rating.
  • Check the phase sequence
  • Close the circuit breaker.
  • Ensure all protection device are installed, are of the correct type/setting and are operating satisfactory.
  • Check operation of all shutdowns and alarms
  • Press the off key on the control panel.
  • Verify that the genset shuts down correctly.
  • Open the circuit breaker
  • Ensure auto start of genset, link the control terminals for auto start in the control panel.
  • Press the Auto key on the control panel
  • Switch off the genset.

Stage 5. Support & Warranty

Your decision to choose STPEC will always be your optimal choice. Exceptional design team, our expertise know how goes into every service we provide.

For specific warranty coverage information, please find warranty statements below or contact us.

Standard Base Warranty

12 Months Warranty – Prime Power application

24 Months Warranty – Standby application

Extended Warranty Program

  • Lower your risk of unexpected failure costs beyond factory standard warranty.
  • Variety of coverage options to meet your needs.


  • Repair of all failures resulting from manufacturing defects
  • Standard warranty coverage


  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Repair of failures that result from misuse.
  • Product failures related to improper application, installation, or maintenance


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