Our Journey

Our Chairman, Ahmad Shahin, established JESCO Jordan back in 1990, and gained its first recognition in the Power Generation industry. In 1996, JESCO became the sole authorized JOHN DEERE engine and service dealer in Jordan and Iraq.

In 2011, JESCO Energy ; the authorized dealers for AE Solar ,was established in the United Kingdom. JESCO Energy is one of the leading suppliers in the renewable energy industry across the country. Providing high-quality energy products and energy storage services.

In 2021, STPEC was founded by Laith Shahin who has over 15 years of experience in the power generation industry across the MENA region manifesting his passion in the power generation industry. STPEC’s core activity is to deliver a comprehensive range of products from new and used diesel generators.

STPEC provides complete solutions in the power and energy sectors and continuously strive in all its divisions. Our services offer a variety of customized maintenance solutions and after-sales service capabilities to ensure meeting our customers’ various demands and requirements. 

One of our strongest pillars is our commitment to corporate social responsibility and business ethics. STPEC provides support to communities in which it operates whenever possible.

Our platform will provide you with all the information you require offering a wide scope of products and services and will hopefully show you the qualities that make our company a reliable partner and the correct choice.

Our Vision

To become the number one Service & Maintenance provider in the MENA region, and a strong international presence supplier of new & used diesel generators sets.

Our Mission

Continuous leverage on technology and innovation to help achieve higher efficiency in our products and higher productivity through our employees.